Be a part of our efforts to establish a thriving Christian Orthodox Church on the Big Island. We are determined yet small, so every contribution makes a difference.

One time or monthly donations can be arranged.

or send your donation by check to Holy Ascension Church, PO Box 430, Honomu, HI 96728

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Remember a loved one with a Memorial donation to our Church.

You may contribute to any of the beautification efforts or repairs at our Church.

Donations are needed for many things, or a general donation would be put to our most urgent need. 


Donations  "In Memory of a Loved One" is always a great idea and is a perpetual remembrance with its continued use. Ideas: 

The re-shaping and icons for the Deacon doors 
Other items for the Altar and services. 

Replacing our aged windows with broken ropes in the pulleys

    We are using the ground level room as a fellowship meal gathering spot. It has a cement floor and unfinished walls. We have a sink but no counters. Making this area more welcoming would be so nice. Our needs:

Finish the storage rooms: $550.

Add a counter  $400.

Paint the floor, walls, ceiling and install door locks  $700.  

Fit out the storage area under the steps $350.

Just specify if you want to sponsor any of these tasks, or simply contribute to them.

Depending on your PayPal account, your donation notification to us may or may not allow you to send along a message .

If it does not and you wish to specify what your donation is for, please pop us an email at